Dorm Decor & Space for More

Now that you’re all moved in (congrats!!), you’ve probably realized just how small of space you have to work with. It’s still very early so maybe it just doesn’t quite feel like home yet, maybe your things are still scattered around and maybe you’re searching for ways to make it work for you. I thought I’d share some beneficial ideas I used for my room this year that hopefully can help you out as well! Knowing I would be living in the dorms for a second year, I was completely stressing myself trying to come up with the best way possible to save space and make the tiny room more ‘livable’. I cannot even describe to you how many times I drew out a floor plan trying to figure out what would fit best where in the room, so move-in day came and guess what, EVERYTHING FIT *angels begin to sing*. We got a little creative with arranging furniture this year to give us SO much more room for activities (Step Brothers yesss) and maximum use of storage spaces because c’mon, we’re girls and we brought a lot of clothes. Also below you’ll find some cute decor ideas to help you make your dorm feel just a little more like home.

Waddup MTV, welcome to my crib.

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Storage: We found the best way to save space was to push the furniture to the walls and stack our beds. This left us room to bring in a couch and make a cozy living area to watch TV and give extra space for guests.

Decor: Found these cute hanging lantern lights at Target.

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Storage: Even while bunked we still had room to store things under our beds. At Michigan State you’re able to pick the exact height the beds are at so you can leave enough room underneath for what you need. We store drawers for clothes, laundry and even our printer.

Decor: One of my favorite pieces of decoration in the room are the little lights above my bed. I found these battery powered ones online which are perfect because they can hang up there without being plugged in. I found cute (inexpensive) fabric at Hobby Lobby to tie over the lights so I wouldn’t be staring at the coils of the bed above me. Photos of my family and friends surround my bed hung with twine and tiny clothespins. Found all of the cozy bedding and pillows you see at Target.

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Shoutout to my awesome roommate Hannah for being hella clever – for all of you with lofted beds, you’ll definitely want to try this out. The ladder up to her bed hurts your feet when climbing up, so her family came up with what you see above. They cut up a yoga mat and zip-tied it around each bar to make it more comfortable.

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Moving into ‘the living room’, where we gained the most space this year compared to last. Hannah’s love seat couch fit perfectly and I found the cute little cube stool that meets multiple needs. It has storage inside and with the round tray acts as a nice little coffee table too (both tray and cube found at Target).

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Closer look at our favorite decor in our room – large black and white engineer print photos of us! These are extremely cheap and are literally printed right onto engineer blue print paper, make for great personalized decoration.

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Previously this space came with a large dresser and took up A LOT of room. We decided to move the dresser across from the couch to act as a TV stand. Gave us room for our fridge and microwave while even saving us from buying another piece of furniture to set our TV on.


Like I said earlier…lots of clothes. Best way to keep organized is with those hanging storage units, Hannah has the big one to store clothes and I have the small one to store shoes. Hannah also brought the shoe rack which will be great in the winter time to keep our boots on. Extra storage bins on the upper shelf are separated by extra toiletry items, medicine, etc. which is nice to have it all in one place instead of scrambling around trying to remember where you put each item.

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Storage is key for your desk space! Finding extra drawers and put-in desk organizers are a great way to stay on top of your work this year.

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Dressed up this blank wall with fun random finds and hung them with extra strong command strips. Also using the right command hook, I take this mirror off the wall in the mornings and put it on my desk to get ready – functional and decoration ;).


Hopefully this possibly sparked some ideas for you, thanks for reading! I would absolutely love to see other dorm arrangements and creative decoration ideas so please feel free to add yours in the comments or send them to me!!

You can find my post as well as other dorm room ideas at!


Sincerely, Sienna

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